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BellaNaija is an interactive, online Nigerian lifestyle blog and magazine. BellaNaija typically focuses on entertainment, fashion, news, and other media content (to include photography, videos, and social media messaging). BellaNaija's targeted audience are those located within Nigeria and other Pan-African nations.

BellaNaija's intensely popular website, https://www.bellanaija.com/, features an impressive variety of news and pop culture topics from all corners of the globe. These fun and vibrant offerings include music, movies and television, style, beauty, weddings, articles focused on getting ahead in one's career, relationships, living and quotes meant it entice and inspire. The site's homepage is bright and welcoming, packed with updated articles sure to draw the interest of all readers, regardless of age or socioeconomic background. The hero image published along with each article is typically crisp and in focus, which helps to increase the website's click rate, as it actively draws the eye of readers in. Additionally, each article on the site's homepage is clearly tagged as "news, event, music, television," etc. so that visitors to the site can easily scroll through the most recent offerings for content that most interests them.

It goes without saying that this site it so fantastic due to its wide range of topics, swinging effortlessly from fun and flirty beauty advice to serious, hard-hitting news. As an example, recent published articles include a quick blurb on MSN's Gang boss Oritsefemi's newly released single (complete with an embed link so users can easily listen). This story sits directly on top of an article focusing on United States current first lady Michelle Obama's emotional reflection of the past eight years as she prepares to depart the White House with her family. BellaNaija truly offers a mixed bag of fantastic, up to the minute content.

BellaNaija is also fabulous for its career advice section, which seeks to empower readers to land fulfilling and financially stable careers. The site also offers helpful insights on how to save, invest, and make one's money work for them. Well placed quotes in this section also offer meaningful insights to inspire confidence and upward momentum in the business and financial world. Others articles focus on the millennial generation's approach to the traditional 40+ hour work week and profiles of successful business men and women or local entrepreneurs. You'll also find articles on literature, urging readers to check out particularly interesting or action packed new books. There is truly content for everyone!

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bella naija Blog Headlines

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