Lagos State: 3 Most Dangerous Bridges to Avoid in 2017 - Kelechi Alexander Ekeh  - Published January 24th, 2017

The high rate of robbery attacks that is prevalent around bridges in most parts of Lagos, Nigerian’s fastest growing commercial capital city, is increasing at an alarming rate. As we know, only those who have been victims of such cases in bridges in Lagos can live to tell these stories and even more.

The state government, though doing their best to curtail the menace of insecurity in and around the bridges in Lagos and its environs, has not been able to win the battle even with the presence of security agencies all around the Lagos bridges.

This situation has led to more worrying cases for a lot of residents which has been caused by these miscreants, who look for every opportunity to strip the possession of hard working and peaceful individuals of their honest earnings and profits. One of such places to find these miscreants is under-the-bridge. Here is a top 3 list of some of them.

1. Third Mainland Bridge: This is a state of the art master-class bridge in Lagos, Nigeria. Cars, Motorcycles and other automobiles moving at breath-taking speed perhaps sums up what this bridge was made for – life on the fast lane. However, there have been reported cases of people getting robbed on this architectural masterpiece over the years. Anyone who is unfortunate enough to have his car break down on this bridge stands the risk of being attack by hoodlums who are normally armed with dangerous weapons. There have been cases of drivers getting robbed in this bridge also. So many drivers are often advised to wind up their car windows when caught in huge traffic gridlocks on this bridge. There have also been instances of drivers and other occupants of vehicles being robbed simply because they failed to take this important precaution. However, patrolling security personnel and illumination on the bridge have reduced this negative trend in the past few months.

2. Obalende Bridge: Obalende may not be what it used to be – a new mega terminus having replaced a once popular car park where anything can happen – but despite its beauty and improved organisation, the area is still flagged in some quarters as a red zone with a significant number of street urchins who engage in pickpocketing, gangsterism and harassment of road users, in the early morning and even in the night.

3. Oshodi under-Bridge: Unlike Obalende, Oshodi is not what it used to be. So many things have changed over the years, even with the new administration. The community was infamous for its chaotic nature a few years back. However, despite its impressive and growing beauty, the under-bridge of this historic community shows a semblance of what the situation used to be. Commuters are still known to be cautious when hanging around the bridge’s surroundings at night. At night, a lot of people, mostly young men, could be seen gathering in groups under the bridge, especially at the railway end, smoking and engaging in other nefarious vices.

However, there are so many other locations in Lagos where there is a high profile criminal activities being carried out in some parts of the bridges, but listed here is the top 3 locations where individuals and automobile owners are to always take precautions when they find themselves in such spots.

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