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Tribune Online is a Nigerian news site that's dedicated to publishing stories and events relating to or close to Nigerian hearts. The site is the online edition of the popular Nigerian Tribune newspaper, which has been in existence since 1949. Nigerian Tribune is a part of the African Newspapers of Nigeria (ANN) PLC that also has a few other publications under its fold such as Sunday Tribune and Saturday Tribune. Nigerian Tribune is one among the oldest existing newspapers in Nigeria, and ANN PLC has grown to rise to the top of the competitive Nigerian news media sector over the last six decades. Tribune Online is known for breaking news time and again, and has, as a result, earned itself the reputation of being the most informative web-based news medium of Nigeria. It publishes articles and information spanning different categories or spheres of the society, including business, politics, entertainment, sports, tourism, etc. The site has had several awards and recognition to its credit, with the majority lauding the site's content quality and editing standards.

Site Structure
Like most other popular and credible news sites, the Tribune Online site layout looks professional and sorted. It has its categories well presented at the header menu and the home page of the site is abundant in information, giving the viewer the notion that the site is certainly packed with information and on par with any other national news site.

Content Sourcing
Tribune Online has its in-house writer and editor team that is primarily responsible for the content on the site. The company also hires freelance writers. Moreover, the news site also accepts interesting stories and events in the form of verbal content, pictures, and/or videos from its audience. The viewers can contribute to the site by contacting the editor via email. The site lists out the email addresses of a few other company executives on its Contact Us page. The site can also be contacted on the phone or on social media. The site has presence on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, and Pinterest.

Video Site
Besides a conventional news site, Tribune Online also has a dedicated news site that presents information as videos. The link for the site can be found on Tribune Online's footer section. Like Tribune Online, the video site, which is called Tribune TV, attempts to cover a wide range of topics. However, the video site is not as populated as Tribune Online, for obvious reasons. The video site could have been launched recently, and also video content takes a bit more time to prepare compared to verbal pieces.

Though having a presence of more than six decades, Nigerian Tribune's journey has just begun, especially with the African continent still not having a lot of reputable publications to showcase itself to the rest of the world. Africa has been neglected for years now; however, that's changing now for the good. And newspapers such as Nigerian Tribune have had a big hand in that. For a more holistic change, it would be heartening to see Nigerian Tribune focusing on issues in other African countries too or probably opening up news sites dedicated to African countries that are still in the dark.

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