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Nigeria is a hotbed for interesting events, activities, and happenings that become that much more interesting considering other world events. This reality makes an entity such as The Nation newspaper that much more important. The Nation newspaper Nigeria covers a host of current affairs issues in Nigeria and the world at large using a wide range of topics. Topics include politics, sports, business, health, entertainment, education, as well as general news and featured columnists.

More About The Nation Newspaper Nigeria

Published by Vintage Press Limited and launched in 2006, The Nation newspaper is available for public consumption wherever in the world one may be, thanks to its official web portal. Featuring a crisp and clear layout, The Nation newspaper Nigeria website is both easy to read and navigate. All relevant topics are found in the menu bar at the top of the site, and all information a visitor would need (whether regarding topical stories or about The Nation newspaper itself) can be accessed conveniently from the same.

.While there are ads for monetization purposes (as is expected on blogs and magazine type websites of this magnitude), they are well placed (to the right of the screen and one at the very top) and do not interfere with the content. Another convenient feature found on the home page is a slick slider that highlights the leading and latest stories on the site. As such, readers do not have to guess what the latest stories are. Readers can stay updated with the latest news right from the homepage and need not scan tirelessly go through the site. Additionally, there is a 'latest news' thread to the right of each page allowing readers to enjoy moving from one new story to the next without having to return to the home page after reading each story.

A Repository Of Truth Providing Stories Readers Can Count On

Perhaps one of the best features of The Nation newspaper Nigeria is its commitment to truth. The Nation newspaper is quite unlike a lot of other online news outlets today which print carelessly written stories that are quickly debunked when fact checked. Each story is carefully written and easily reflects what the newspaper stands for as reflected in its slogan - "truth in defence of freedom."

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