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ThisDay Newspaper has been one of the most popular newspapers in Nigeria since 1995. The online version of the newspaper, This Day Live, is relatively newer, but it maintains the high journalistic standards of the original newspaper. The This Day Live website has an intuitive structure and it maintains the traditional newspaper feel, even thou it is viewed on a computer screen. The website it built on a WordPress platform that allows the structure of the page to adapt to the size of the screen of your viewing device, which makes it easy for you to read articles and columns irrespective of whether you are using a computer, a tablet of a smartphone for your news consumption. The homepage of This Day Live features a slideshow of the headlines and pictures of the most recent breaking stories as well as an audio feed of ongoing news and commentary. Those visiting the websites are immediately caught up on recent events in Nigeria. The homepage also features links to dozens of articles which are updated every single hour. It is fair to say that if something important is happening in Nigeria, the homepage of This Day Live is the best bet for anyone who wants to know about.

The website has sections including business, politics, health and wellbeing, sports, education, lifestyle, an editorial segment, and a back page for commentary and opinion articles. Whatever your area of interest is, This Day Live has something for you, written by some of the most competent experts on the subject in Nigeria.

For business enthusiasts, This Day Live provides a live feed of the stock market throughout the day. Investors can quickly check on market conditions during trading hours for real time information. The robust business section of the website also provides comprehensive coverage of financial and business news, from government monetary policies to the initiatives of publicly traded companies, and even sound business advice from feature columnists. The lifestyle segment of This Day Live features diverse topics, from the glamorous lives of actors and artistes to the uplifting stories of everyday Nigerians. The health and wellbeing segment offers professional medical advice, and it highlights stories about public health initiatives across the country. The politics segment features political news without party based bias, and it sheds a light into the inner working of every level of government in Nigeria. Common topics in the education segment include the challenges faced by recent graduates as well as the initiatives that are in place to improve the state of education in the country.

For all Nigerians looking to stay informed on both local and international matters, This Day Live offers trustworthy and authoritative news free of charge. Additionally, you can sign up or follow the online newspaper on social media to get notifications whenever important news breaks. As a news source, This Day Live can be relied upon by everyone in Nigeria.

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